Understanding K-Entertainment

Friday 15:30~18:30 (at Vladivostok time)

Course Name: Understanding K-Entertainment : Korean Visual Culture

Prof. Seung Kwan No (Hanyang University, KOREA)

■ Course Description & Objectives

This class offers students in depth look at Korean Entertainment industry, especially visual entertainments such as drama and popular music. Korean entertainment has become global commodity. Global audience embraces Korean cultural contents in diverse forms. In class, we’d like to bring many forms of Korean entertainments; cinema, drama, animation, games and K-Pop, on the table and analyze it from many perspective; industrial, cultural and historical.

■ Things to be achieved through this course are roughly described as follows;

1) General understanding of Korean Entertainment industry.

2) Expose to diverse K-Entertainment genre.

3) Diversification of viewpoints on the criticism of specific K-Entertainment Contents.

■ Evaluation

30% Class Attendance

20% Class

25% Mid-term Quiz and Paper

25% Final Paper and presentation

■ Weekly Plans

  1. Class Orientation : Offline Class -> in class meeting
  2. Introduction to K-Entertainment : Many Perspectives
  3. [K-Cinema] 1 : Introduction to Korean Movie Industry
  4. [K-Cinema] 2 : Development of Korean Cinema
  5. [K-Cinema] 3 :K-Cinema and it’s cultural influence
  6. [K-Drama] : K-Drama, first frontier of Korean Wave
  7. [K-Drama] K-Drama in Korea and in the world
  8. Midterm — Presentation Paper due, Mid-term Quiz
  9. [K-POP] 1 : K-Pop now! : How K-pop goes world wide
  10. [K-POP] 2 : Cultural Perspective, How K-Pop evolved
  11. [K-POP] 3 : K-Pop in the multimedia and social media age
  12. [K-Animation] Korean Animation : from subsidiary to the main stage
  13. [K-Animation] Many faces of Korean Animations
  14. [K-Culture] 1 : K- Entertainment infrastructure.
  15. [K-Culture] 2 : Games, : mobile and next generation
  16. Final — wrap up : future of K-Entertainment

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